Introducing: Enhanced Bulk Analyzer ASIN List

Written by Chris Taylor on October 08, 2018

Thanks to SupplySpy customers providing constructive feedback, we have been able to identify an area where enhancements were needed to the ASIN List within the Bulk Analyzer tool. As a result, our developers have been working hard at ensuring a timely turnaround with these enhancements and are excited to report we have published the new version. 

SupplySpy Bulk Profit Analyzer ASIN List redesign
SupplySpy's new Bulk Analyzer ASIN list

Considering there are significant changes, we thought we’d break them down for you in this article so you can start taking advantage right away. Below is a list of the recent changes that have taken place:

 Complete interface redesign creating a layout that is easier to read and analyze.

 Product images have been added.

 The “Details from Amazon” and “Details from Supplier” columns, have been placed next to one another allowing the user to easily compare the two.

 Review rating and quantity have been added within the “Details from Amazon” section.

 A Column has been added identifying if the product is being sold by Amazon.

 The capability to search by “All” suppliers has been added.

 Users are now able to set minimum and maximum quantities for specific filters.

 The ability to filter by Amazon status (if Amazon sells the product or not). Status is checked once a month and is not real-time

Although we are really excited for these new enhancements, we also recognize there are other areas of improvement and look forward to getting to work on those. As always, we welcome feedback, both positive and constructive, so be sure to leave us with any feedback you may have.

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