Find The Best Brands to Sell on Amazon

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Start your product research here with our list of 40,000+ popular brands on Amazon and counting. Look for "verified brands" to access our hand-picked best brands. Get contact information and key metrics on your potential competition, including the # of Popular Products in the brand currently sold on Amazon, Avg. # Of Sellers Per Listing, and the top Amazon Sellers of popular products in that brand. The brand page also links to Suppliers within the Supplier Directory that you can get the brand from.

Key metrics to help you make informed decisions

Popular Products

Popular Products tells you if the brand is already popular on Amazon. If there are already a high number of popular products, the brand has bigger potential for you, because you’ll be selling products that have proven to sell well on Amazon.

Find The Best Brands to Sell on Amazon

Amazon FBA Brands

Average Number of Sellers

Avg. # Of Sellers Per Listing tells you about your potential competition.

For best results, look for brands that have a number higher than 1 but not too big in this column. If there is only 1 seller on average per listing, it is likely that the brand owner is selling the products on Amazon and it may be difficult (or impossible) to get the brand’s permission to sell on Amazon. If there are lots of sellers per listing, the brand is very competitive, and it may also be difficult to compete and still make a profit.

Average Number of FBA Sellers per Listing

Avg. # of FBA Sellers Per Listing also tells you about your competition. FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) products tend to have higher ratings and customer feedback because Amazon handles all of the order fulfillment.

If this number is similar to the Avg. # of Sellers Per Listing, it means most of these brands are FBA, and competition may be tough.

popular brand fba sellers

popular brand amazon as a seller

Percentage of Listing with as a Seller

% of listing with as a seller tells you about your toughest competitor, Amazon. If this number is high, avoid selling the brand, or try to sell products within that brand that Amazon is not selling.

We recommend you avoid competing with Amazon.


Sellers lists the 3 most common sellers of the brand. If the brand’s name is on this list, then you know it may be difficult or impossible to sell the brand on Amazon or make a profit on the products. The same is true if Amazon is on the list.

popular brand top sellers

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