Frequently Asked Questions about SupplySpy

Q: Why sell on Amazon?

A: Amazon is the #1 eCommerce site in the world. One of the biggest challenges for other internet retailers is driving traffic to the website and getting customers. With Amazon, your customer base is already built in, so you don’t have to worry about SEO or marketing (things that take enormous amounts of time from your business). Instead, you have one of the world’s largest online customer bases at your fingertips, and can focus on providing the best goods and customer service to grow your business. Amazon is a time-tested platform for selling, and with SupplySpy.com, you’ll have the tools to stand out and be successful in this exciting marketplace.

Q: Why domestic wholesale sourcing?

A: There are many sourcing methods out there. You name it, we’ve tried it. While we don’t want to say one way is “right” or “wrong,” sourcing from domestic wholesalers has been our hands down, tried-and-true strategy. The closer proximity saves you time and money on shipping, avoids the hassle of importing goods, and ensures a higher quality of product. This means better customer feedback and more sales for your business.

Q: I signed up for SupplySpy.com and want to start selling on Amazon. Where do I start?

A: The simple answer is: wherever you want! One of the great things about SupplySpy.com is the flexibility it offers. Browse the Popular Brands or Popular Products to look for items with good metrics to sell. Or, you can look for a wholesaler in the Supplier Directory who is located close to you, and find out which products the supply. However you want to approach it, SupplySpy.com has tools to meet your needs.