Frequently Asked Questions about SupplySpy

Q: Why sell on Amazon?

A: Amazon is the #1 eCommerce site in the world. One of the biggest challenges for other internet retailers is driving traffic to the website and getting customers. With Amazon, your customer base is already built in, so you don’t have to worry about SEO or marketing (things that take enormous amounts of time from your business). Instead, you have one of the world’s largest online customer bases at your fingertips, and can focus on providing the best goods and customer service to grow your business. Amazon is a time-tested platform for selling, and with SupplySpy.com, you’ll have the tools to stand out and be successful in this exciting marketplace.

Q: What is the difference between your plans?

A: The only difference between our plans is the maximum allowable number of UPC’s/Product’s that a user can store within their database at any given time for research and tracking purposes.

Q: How does your UPC/Product limit work?

A: The maximum allowable limit is on the total number of products that can be uploaded and stored in your database at any given time. Users may delete previously uploaded supplier files at any point in time to create room for importing a different supplier file. This is not a monthly limit.

Q: Can I upload more products to the same supplier? What happens with products that I already uploaded?

A: You may upload as many files to the same supplier as you wish. You don’t need to create a new supplier for different data files from the same supplier. When you upload a new file, our system will add any new products that it finds and will update any information on products that have been previously uploaded. Nothing will happen to any products that were previously uploaded and not on a new data file. These items will NOT be deleted.

Q: Do I need to re-upload supplier file daily to see new Amazon prices and sales rank?

A: No. You only need to upload each supplier file once and let it run as long as you're interested in the supplier's products. We update Sales Rank and Amazon prices once a day (this will soon increase in frequency for more up to date results) and recalculate Profit/ROI based on new price. You only need to re-upload a supplier's file when there are new products available or when supplier's prices change.

Q: How often do you refresh your data?

A: The Amazon selling price, best sellers rank and # of offers are updated once a day.

* We are planning to increase the update frequency on all these data points in the near future.

Q: I just checked a product on Amazon and it shows a different price and sales rank than on SupplySpy. Your tool sucks!

A: In a perfect world we would have real-time data but unfortunately we don't. The truth is, nobody but Amazon has this. Please see our data refresh rate above. Our data is fresh enough in most cases to make well-informed product purchasing decisions, however, you're always encouraged to verify all the information directly on Amazon before making a large investment.